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What jobs were there in the medieval times

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WebJun 1,  · There were many kinds of professional entertainers in medieval England such as troubadours, actors, acrobats, and jesters, who toured and sought their living where they could. Minstrels (jongleurs), on . WebThere were also many Medieval Jobs directly related to warfare activities such as Armorers (Made Armour & Shields) Bowyers (Made Longbows) Castle Guardsmen (Protected Castles) Fletchers (Made Arrows) Swordsmith (Specialist Smith who Forged Swords).

What jobs were there in the medieval times

Armorer - Medieval Jobs A medieval armorer held an important occupation in the medieval workforce. · Apothecary - Medieval Jobs · Artist - Medieval Jobs · Medieval. Some of the key occupations in the Middle Ages: Carpenters, bakers, farmers, miners, and stone carvers.

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6 Disgusting Occupations in the Medieval Era...

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Military Occupations · Arbalestier – one who fires an arbalest (a type of metal crossbow) · archer – one who shoots arrows · bowman · camp follower – people. For people who lived in towns, there were many professions. Blacksmiths, people who wove or dyed clothing, barrel making, merchants, carpenters, day labor work.

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WebJan 27,  · Medieval Jobs List Miller. A miller was one of the most important tradesmen in the Medieval Age. The miller ground flour to make food for Blacksmith. A blacksmith not only made iron objects such as pots, horseshoes and nails, he also cut trees into planks. Stonemason. Stonemasons were responsible. WebEssential Medieval Professions and Jobs. Medieval Butcher. Middle Ages butchers prepared meat, fish, and fowl for the people in a castle or a city. They sometimes had stalls in a marketplace. Medieval Miner. Medieval Farmer. Medieval .

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