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Army medical college abbottabad jobs

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WebFeb 15,  · On , Army Medical Corps School Center Record Wing announced its latest job advertisement. The available posts include LDC, UDC, Mali, Attendant, . WebApr 3,  · Army Medical Corps Abbottabad Jobs has been announced through the advertisement and applications from the suitable persons are invited on the .

Army medical college abbottabad jobs

Army Medical Core School & Center Abbottabad Jobs ; Apply Online: Upload CV ; Date Posted / Updated: 03 April, ; Category / Sector: Government ; Newspaper. There are total 15 job advertisements in Army Medical Core School Center till today 01 March which are either taken from different newspapers or editions.

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Army Medicine Career Opportunities

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There are total 21 job advertisements in Army Medical College till today 06 March which are either taken from different newspapers or editions or. Army Medical College is an important government department and offers hundreds of jobs to prospective applicants throughout Pakistan.

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WebFeb 11,  · MTI Ayub Teaching Hospital Jobs – Abbottabad. Ayub Medical College KPK Government Abbottabad January 3, - January 20, Accounting / . WebSep 10,  · Careers & Jobs. Specialty Jobs. Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Pursue a successful health care career at one of Missing: abbottabad.

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